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Decorative Dog Figure

Decorative Dog Figure For Sale

dog decorative figure. Decorative Dog Figure.amp160 7 12 pounds 14 inches long. 8 inches wide 8 inches tall.amp160 Not sure if its ceramic or resin but its heavy picked large flat rate box for size.amp160 Felt on bottom...


Rare Antique Buffalo Pottery 1907 Cinderella Pitcher Jug Numbered

Rare Antique Buffalo Pottery 1907 Cinderella Pitcher Jug Numbered For Sale

A Rare 1907 Buffalo Pottery Cinderella Pitcher Featuring A Horse Drawn Carriage Carrying Cinderella On One Side. And The Prince With Cinderella's Slipper On The Opposite Side. The Pitcher Is Aesthetically Pleasing, But A Hairline Crack Visible On The Inside But Not All The Way Through To The Outside (see The Photo 7).
Sold by se552037 in Dorchester...